Jean Francois Hache

Louis XIV chest of drawers attributed to Thomas Hache

EXCEPTIONAL LOUIS XIV With rounded front uprights.

It opens on the front with four drawers in three rows.  Tilting handles and keyholes in gilded bronze.

Usage and maintenance restorations Work attributed to Thomas Hache (1664-1747) Period 18th century Les Hache, famous family of cabinetmakers from Grenoble.

Thomas Hache (1664 – March 13, 1747) first worked in Chambéry as a journeyman and learned Italian decoration there: ornamentation in varied colors, plant scrolls, acanthus leaves, interlacing and other arabesques.

He settled in Grenoble around 1695. Orders poured in and the workshop could easily support the large family. In addition to prestigious furniture, there are carpentry works (carriage doors, wood sculpture, etc.). Quality also progresses in the search for harmony between form and pattern, which requires great precision of execution. At the end of this period, we see Thomas, his son Pierre and his grandson Jean-François working in the same workshop.

The Formelibre Gallery is located in a former Hache workshop.

H 81 cm x W 119 cm x D 63 cm.


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