forme libre

‌I have a degree in Fine Arts ( a 5 years course ) – 3 years completed at plastic university and 2 years. After taking my degree , I worked for 2 years at the Musee de Grenoble and at the renowned MAGASIN ( national centre of modern art ).

Armed with this professional and artistic experience , in 1998 I created FORMELIBRE – so named because of my boundless admiration for the work of Charlotte Perriand.

My experience, expertise and personal judgement in this field are recognized and respected.

At present I am focussing my attention on interior architecture and interior decoration as an art of living , giving real significance to these antiques of the future.

This adventure has become a family concern , thanks to my wife Diana and her rich Latin American culture.

Today we are seeking out and exhibiting our favorite specimens . ……. We look forward to sharing this world with you .

« Devant une page blanche, j’aimerais toujours avoir 20 ans »

Charlotte Perriand